Installing Carpet Stair Treads

Preparing the Stairs

  1. Before you begin to install carpet on the stairs, you must first remove any old flooring on them. Remove any old carpet padding and throw it away; do not try to reuse the padding. Sweep the stairs off, clean them well, and if any adhesive was used on them, remove it. Allow the stairs to dry completely before starting any installation. Installing the Treads
  2. Using double-sided or double-faced carpet tape (either included or bought or sold separately), stick your carpet stair treads to your stairs. Use a measuring tape to ensure that each tread is centered and aligned equally to your preference. Most people like for wood to show on all four sides of the tread. Simply peel off one side of the protective covering from your tape and stick the tape on your stair treads. Then peel off the protective covering from the other side of the tape and stick your treads on your stairs. We suggest applying tape around all four sides of your treads. Please press down on the edges of your treads after you place them on the wood to secure the adhesive. It’s that easy!