About Carpet Stair Treads

What are stair treads? Carpet stair treads can be a beautiful addition to your home, adding a touch of warmth and style to your hardwood flooring. Hardwood stairs are a beautiful feature in any multi-level home, but they can often be dangerously slippery, especially for pets, children, and the elderly. They can also become quite cold in the winter months. The right set of carpet stair treads can prevent slips, look attractive, reduce noise, and knock the chill off of your hardwood steps in the wintertime.

When selecting the best stair treads for your home, remember to consider the following:

  1. Are the edges bound with color matching binding tape or serged with quality yarn?
  2. Price - remember that you usually get what you pay for. Higher quality, natural fibers and heavier face weights generally cost more.
  3. Color and style - are you looking for something for out of the way basement steps, or a highly visible entrance staircase. You will want to choose and spend accordingly.
  4. The seller's reputation and ability to offer custom made items - often sizes and number of treads can be very specific to your home. Some seller's like Dean Flooring Company can create customized matching runners and rugs made per your specifications. Also remember that the service provided by the seller is a large part of a satisfactory buying experience.
  5. Size - will the length and width of the treads fit your stairs nicely while looking appropriate?
  6. Can you purchase a matching runner for your foyer or hallway or does one come with the set?
  7. Material - Wool carpet is a higher end product versus nylon or polypropylene and may be more desirable for certain decors. Carpet stair treads can add to the beauty of your house, protect your stairs from wear and tear, and help keep people from slipping, falling, and getting hurt.

Carpet stair treads are available for both indoor and outdoor use although they are more popular indoors.

Choose a carpet stair tread instead of covering the entire stairs with carpet. It leaves approximately six inches of hardwood floor visible on each side and works extremely well.

Stairs tend to get a lot of wear and tear, often the most of anywhere in the house or building.

It is far easier to replace carpet treads than to replace the hardwood flooring on our staircase.

Not surprisingly, one of the primary reasons for carpet stair treads is to protect your stairs, including from ordinary wear as well as chips, dings, and other blemishes.

Carpet stair treads also help prevent people from slipping and falling on stairs. People can be severely injured from falls and making sure your stairs aren't slippery is a significant safety issue. One of the primary reasons for outdoor carpet stair treads is in fact to make them less slippery and treacherous, especially an issue when they are wet, icy, or snowy.

Many people slip and fall every year, often hurting themselves severely and even dying. Many of these slips and falls occur on stairs, and the safety of your stairs can often be improved by adding simple stair treads.

Stair treads come in many different varieties, and not only help make your stairs safer, but also protect your stairs, normally a high traffic area, from wear and tear, as well as add decor. Stair treads can be used both indoors and outdoors, and we'll discuss ones made from rubber and carpet ones. There are many other options too! Stair treads made of carpet exist for both indoor and outdoor use, although they seem more popular indoors. They can add significantly to the decor of your home, and in fact you may spend a significant amount of time searching for the perfect carpet tread for your master staircase.

Stair treads not only look good but they may save you or a loved one from a nasty fall. They can also help protect your stairs. Good luck on picking a great set of treads for your home and please visit Dean Flooring Company again soon.